「6月受注枠」TIDERIDE TR561R4Ti 【MIZER TITANTip】【Carbongrip】

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Length:5f6in Action:ULTRAfast Power:ULTRAlight
Lure:zero~3g line:PE0.09~0.3 Lb0.8~2 rodwait:42.5g


ティップ:MIZARultimate top

言わずと知れたチタンテップ元祖提唱者海猿氏が満を持してリリースしたオリジナルテーパーのチタンテップ。推奨ルアーキャパ0.3g〜3g 潮流変化、ショートバイト、テンション抜け等の違和感をTideRideコンセプトと合わせる事で、より明確な感覚として捉える事が出来ます。

※4 (バランス長はロッドバランスは







FRAGMENT FACTORY will start accepting orders for the first titanium tip model in the FRAGMENT FACTORY's a-ging rod series, limited to 10 pieces per season.
1 (Orders will be closed when the specified number of rods is reached, starting September 1. Delivery will be made sequentially from October 20.)
2 (Ordering method is described at the end of this article. Please use the inquiry form and online store to place your order)

The existing titanium taper model could not be added to the series, but now we are releasing the tideride titanium tip model with MIZAR's ULTIMATE TOP, developed by Mr. Umizaru.
3 (Tubular and solid models will be available for order as soon as possible.)

Length:5f6in Action:ULTRAfast Power:ULTRAlight
Lure:zero~3g line:PE0.09~0.3 Lb0.8~2 rodwait:42.5g

length: 5f6in
The role of the titanium tip is not limited to information obtained from the tip.
When throwing a JH of 0.8 or less, a high elasticity blank has a casting limit due to the lightness of the JH's dead weight.
The weight of the blank, which is a disadvantage of titanium, helps with this limitation, so castability is increased compared to a tubular or carbon solid blank of the same length.
Also, too long a length can make the lure tip-weighted, making it harder to cast and more difficult to handle.
This 5f6in is the most balanced length setting of the blank and titanium used for tideride.

Blank: full40t Toray 05Carbon
Made by Magnum Craft
Tuning blank (series not disclosed)

Tip: MIZARultimate top
Titanium tip
The original taper titanium tip released by Mr. Umizaru, the original advocate of titanium tipping. Recommended lure capacities: 0.3g to 3g.

Balance length: Distance from the center of the reel foot to the end "approx. 215mm
Titanium is the most difficult tip to balance due to its own weight, but the end length is not too long nor too short, and the balance is set to be the most user-friendly with the configuration of other parts.
4 (The balance length is the rod balance.
(The balance length in our store refers to the distance from the center of the reel foot to the end of the butt when the reel is attached.)

Foregrip: Down-locking tends to be foregrip-less when weight reduction is pursued. The original shape of the carbon material is the perfect match for the blank. The same kind of material, no bumps, and ease of grip create a sense of unity as if a single curve connects the fingers extending from the little finger of the palm to the blank.

Reel seat: Tuning IPS16 by choice, KDPS double and SKSS can also contribute to weight reduction by cutting down the weight, but even the most delicate Tanago fishing in the world can benefit greatly from the grip shape. The human hand is much thicker than the blank. If the blank is too large or too small, the human hand will become dull and will not be able to exert the proper force. We believe that the reel seat is the closest to the shape of the hand that provides sensitivity with the least amount of stress.

Grip shape: The handmade carbon grip, specially shaped for the tuning IPS16, is a separate section that wraps around the palm without any bumps or corners, so the grip is stable even when held for long periods of time.

AGS guides are installed in three locations on the butt, which contribute to lightweight and sensitivity. The next four guides are made of Torzite, which reduces air resistance when the rod swings through the water.

Weight: 42.5g (Please allow for an error of around 1g as this is a fully handmade rod)
The lightness of a rod is a weapon, but as explained above, we believe that a fishing rod should be equipped with parts necessary for the five senses because it takes the place of the human senses. This is my personal conclusion from the recent lightness wars.

For those ordering from overseas
(1) Some countries may not be able to ship the product.
(2) Overseas version is 2 pieces in the center.
Basically, we ship by Japan Post (EMS).

For orders and inquiries, please contact us from the following
You cannot order from this site.


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* 1
Because there are size restrictions depending on the shipping area
Rods of 150 cm (4.9 f) or more are made into two pieces
I will ship
(There are cases where the above does not apply)

* 2
As of May 2021, EMS (Japan Post Airlines) due to the influence of COVID19
There are some countries where shipping is restricted
In some cases, you may not be able to place an order due to cost or restrictions.

* 3
Payment is currently only PayPal payment
We will contact you from PayPal payment after the quotation.

* 4
Delivery will start after confirmation of payment
It takes about one month to manufacture the series rod.

It may be delayed depending on the progress of work, so please allow plenty of time.
Please order

Thank you for your cooperation.

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